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Initiation: Disclaimers & Author's Notes

Initiation is part 1 of a three-part series that I began writing over a year ago, inspired originally by the Super Show 2 performance of ‘Don’t Don’ (here).  I was captivated by that performance from the first moment I saw it and intrigued by the story I saw within - two rival criminal groups, some people stuck in the middle and a whole lot of sexual tension.

Unfortunately, because I write out-of-order, it took until now to make it finished enough to post.  (And honestly, I would have kept waiting, except I’m hoping that finally starting to post this monster will incentivize me to get off my bum and finish writing it.)

As of now I have more than 150,000 words written in this series.  Initiation itself is almost complete, so I will be posting a chapter every Tuesday afternoon/evening from now until mid-February, and at that time will hopefully have enough of the sequel finished to jump straight into it.

Initiation and its sequels handle some dark material, such as prostitution, sexual assault, and torture.  I tried to handle these subjects with grace and realism while still telling the story I wanted to tell, but please be aware that this is a work of fiction and is not intended in ANY way to accurately reflect anyone’s real-life personal experience with these subjects.  All potentially triggering subjects will be warned in the header of each chapter.

In the same way, though I tried to accurately reflect the culture of South Korea to the best of my knowledge and research, I did not want to have to try and deal with the issue of homophobia on top of everything else.  So the Korea in which this fic takes place has a much more tolerant view of homosexuality than in the real world, at least outside of the legal sphere.

This story has consumed my imagination (and a good chunk of my time) for the last year, and I hope that it captures all of you the way it has me.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  The entire body of Initiation and its related works are fiction.  The author claims no personal connection to any of the individuals portrayed therein and the events and attitudes described in no way describe the actions or beliefs of those individuals.  No profit is made from this venture.

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