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Initiation Ch4: Exposition Is A Necessary Evil

Title: Initiation Ch4:  Exposition Is A Necessary Evil
Rating:  NC-17  (This chapter PG-13)
Characters: Super Junior, with SHINee & SNSD in supporting roles & other KPop artists in minor/cameo roles
Pairings: Main focus on Siwon/Heechul, with numerous side pairings.
Genre:  Action, drama, some angst.  OrganizedCrime!AU.
Summary: Henry answers a wanted ad for a musician and stumbles headlong into a world of crime, violence, betrayal and sex.  If only he'd known his prospective employer was one of the biggest underground crime rings in Seoul, maybe he wouldn’t have gone to the audition.
Notes & Warnings: AU, violence, foul language, prostitution, explicit sex.  Further warnings will be noted in future chapters as necessary.

Disclaimers & Author’s Notes  |  Ch1  |  Ch2  |  Ch3

Heechul took Donghae out to lunch.  His dongsaeng was clearly on edge after their meeting with Shin Soohyun, and Heechul needed him calm and clear-headed.  So he poked and prodded and teased Donghae over kimchi until the younger man laughed and relaxed.

They spent the first few hours of the afternoon visiting other buyers to break the bad news.  Most took it about as well as could be expected, though there was one thug that seemed to think getting violent would cause the guns to magically appear.  Heechul held the thug’s lackey at bay with a pistol aimed at his crotch while Donghae set the thug straight.

As a result of that little altercation, they ran late and were the last of the Dragons to get back to the Den.  The others were already sitting in the meeting room when they arrived, even Shindong and Siwon, who had to skip out on their day jobs to make this meeting.

Siwon was on the loveseat, probably expecting Heechul to sit with him, but Heechul needed to take care of business first so he remained standing.  This clearly disappointed Siwon, but Heechul didn’t have the time to cater to his lover’s whims just now.

“How’d it go with the Shins?” Sungmin asked curiously.  He had a whetstone along with his ever-present knife today, and the soft, rhythmic shhnct sound as he sharpened it actually helped to calm Heechul’s frustrations.  Sungmin was a constant he often found to be quite reassuring.

“We’re hosting them on Friday,” he said without preamble.  “Members of the family are free that night, both the Shins and the Kims.  Drinks, food, escorts.”

“Jesus,” Kangin exclaimed.  “Can we afford that?”

“We can’t afford not to,” Heechul retorted.  “The Kkangpae is not a thug street gang.  They’re organized, they have money, and they employ the best enforcers and hitmen in the city.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly want to be assassinated because I pissed off some rich mob asshole.”

“We’ll be okay,” Siwon piped up.  “You said family members for free only, right?”  Heechul nodded his confirmation.  “There’s no way they’d have the whole family here at once without bringing a ton of friends and bodyguards.  There’ll be others who will have to pay.”

Shindong, sitting by himself in an armchair with a carton of takeout in his lap, gestured with his chopsticks.  “Eli and AJ Kim are known to be big gamblers.  Plan to have some high-stakes games in the back and you’ll make a killing off them.”

“You should challenge them, hyung,” Donghae piped up.  “They’d probably love the chance to play against a cop.”

Snorting, Shindong said, “Right, because I have that kind of money.  I use those bribes to pay my bills, you know?  Heenim cutting me off for a month is setting me back badly.”

“Yah, quit your bitching.”  Heechul looked to Siwon.  “Can we afford to back this guy?  I want to make certain we get at least one of them into the back rooms.”

Siwon thought about it.  “We can’t, no, not if we’re giving them free drinks and everything as well.  But if you want I’ll back him personally.  I just won’t bring Kyuhyun in that night.”

The grin on Shindong’s face made it look like his eyes were in danger of being swallowed by his pudgy cheeks.  “Thanks, Siwon-ah.”

“That’s fine,” Heechul agreed.  “You’re going to be too busy to babysit Kyuhyun anyway.  You and I are going to be entertaining Shin Soohyun.”

Siwon obviously caught on to his tone of voice, because he raised one thick eyebrow.  “Entertaining how, exactly?”

A snort.  “Any way he wants, up to and including in my bedroom,” Heechul said bluntly.  “That was the deal he asked for.  You’re lucky I was able to convince him to let you participate.”  Siwon’s brow furrowed unhappily.  “It’s fine,” Heechul reassured him, “he’s by no means a bad lover.  We’ll make it a good time for all of us.  He gets his fantasy sex, we get the favor of a mob boss, everyone goes home happy.”

Siwon didn’t look reassured, but that was fine, Heechul had two and a half days to talk him around.  “Alright, that’s all for that.  Now the important part.  We need to make up the Kkangpae’s section of the shipment by Monday morning.  Any ideas?”

“How many pieces?” Sungmin asked, closing his knife.  This was clearly the part of the conversation he was interested in.

“Seven,” Heechul told him.  “Well, six now.  Three handguns and three submachine guns, all silenced.  The long-range sniping rifle they wanted we’ve already taken care of.”  Donghae had called his sniper, G.O., while they were at lunch and informed him that he was giving away his rifle.  From what Heechul could hear, G.O. was not happy about having to give up his baby, but Donghae pulled rank and that was the end of that.

“Did they ask for a particular model?” Sungmin asked.  

Heechul shook his head.  “Nope.”

“We had obtained three Berettas and three Mini-Uzis, but those are gone now,” Siwon added.  “Along with the suppressors for them.”

Donghae snorted.  “Uzis.  Hmmph.  The Daewoo K7 is a better weapon, and sound suppression is built in.”

“That’s a Korean Special Forces weapon,” Kangin pointed out, raising an eyebrow.  “You gonna break into a military training facility or something?”  Kangin was the only one of the Dragons who had already served his mandatory military time, enlisting as a field medic when he was much younger.  If Heechul had anything to say about it, he was the only one who would ever serve his time.

“Submachine guns can’t just be bought off the street, Kangin,” Donghae shot back.  “Not even with our contacts.  No one uses one unless they’re planning on a slaughter.  They’re too fucking flashy.”

“Maybe not an active training facility,” Sungmin said, in the distracted tones of someone who was thinking aloud.  “But isn’t there a military supply facility outside the city?  That could work.  There’ll be less people milling around, anyway.”

Siwon frowned.  “I’m not sure I like the idea of stealing from the military.  Isn’t there another option?”

“Not in that kind of a time frame, no,” Donghae told him.  “Hyung told Soohyun we’d have them by Monday.”  He shot Heechul a dirty look, which Heechul haughtily ignored.  “That’s not enough time to smuggle anything in from out of the country and the only other people who might have what we need are other Kkangpae families.  I’d rather not piss any of them off, thanks.”

“Then that’s the plan,” Heechul said, before anyone else could start bitching.  “Mini, Hae, work it out with your boys and let me know your timetable.  That bonus we talked about last night applies to this job too.”  He ignored the small noise Siwon made.  He knew they didn’t have much money to give away, but he also knew Donghae’s boys well enough to know the extra incentive would go a long way towards seeing the job was done right.  “Alright, it’s almost 4PM, lets get out there and let the kids know what’s going on.”

The Dragons got up and piled out of the room, talking lowly between themselves.  Siwon grabbed Heechul’s hand and held him back.

“You’re sure about this Soohyun thing?” he asked.

Heechul nodded, letting Siwon’s arms slide around his waist.  He leaned up and kissed Siwon in what he hoped was a reassuring manner.

“It’ll be fine,” he said.  “Soohyun’s a little sleazy but mostly harmless, at least in the bedroom.  He doesn’t bottom, though, so we’re going to have to get a little creative with him.”  Sometimes they brought a third person to their bed, if Heechul was in the mood for it, but he made damn certain no one else got inside Siwon’s ass but him.  He was Siwon’s first and only top and he was protective of that.

“Alright.”  Siwon was so easygoing, Heechul knew it wouldn’t be an issue.  “I’ll clean your rooms later then.  Since we’re going to have company.”

“Mm, you’re the best.”  Heechul kissed him again.  “Come on, we’d better get out there.”

Siwon nodded and laced his fingers through Heechul’s.  Heechul let him hold his hand until they got to the door to the main floor.


When Henry arrived at the Den for his second day of rehearsals, he was surprised to see not only Yesung but more than a dozen other young people sitting at (and in some cases, on top of) the tables on the Den’s main floor.

Wookie waved him over to a small table where he was sitting with Yesung and Minho.  Henry took the last seat, looking around curiously.  “What’s going on?”

“Family meeting,” Minho explained.  “Heechul-hyung called it this morning.”

Henry found it sort of interesting that they called it a ‘family’ meeting and not an ‘employee’ meeting.  “Oh.”

“This is good timing for you, yeah?” Wookie said brightly.  He seemed to be even more chipper and energetic than the day before, bordering on jittery, even.  “You can meet the rest of the staff.  C’mon!”

To Henry’s embarrassment, Wookie grabbed his hand and dragged him out of his seat and towards another table, introducing him to Key, Hyoyeon and Yuri, three of the escorts.  The girls were very, very pretty up close, but Henry had dealt with inappropriate attraction to pretty girls for at least half his life.  What he wasn’t prepared for was how attracted he was to Key, who was quite possibly prettier than the women were.

Of course, if the possessive way Jonghyun’s arm wrapped around Key’s shoulders was any indication, he was not the only one with an inappropriate attraction.  He kept his cool and tried not to blush too much when all three of them fawned over him, complimenting his musical skills and his cute pudgy cheeks in the same breath.

Wookie dragged him around to the other tables as well, and Henry met several waitresses and the two waiters, the lone busboy (who apparently only worked weekends), the cook Seohyun who had been mentioned the night before, and the last escort, Jessica.  Every single member of the staff - even the cook, who by rights shouldn’t even interact with the customers - was young and stupidly good-looking.  It kind of made Henry wonder if being attractive was a job requirement, and if so, should he take it as a compliment on his looks that he was hired on the spot?

Names and faces melded into a blur, and when they finally got back to their table Henry complained that he was never going to be able to keep everyone straight.

“Straight is overrated,” Minho quipped with a crooked smirk.  Wookie smacked him lightly across the shoulder.

“Now that the pleasantries are done,” Yesung said, giving Ryeowook a pointed look, “I suppose I should explain a little more about the Dragons.”

Henry’d heard that term a handful of times the night before.  “Yes please.”

“They’re a crime ring,” Yesung said bluntly.  Henry wasn’t too surprised to hear that.  “Illegal arms and prostitution are the obvious ones, but they do the gambling and some other things on the side as well.  There’s six of them.  Kangin, obviously, and you met Siwon and Sungmin last night.  The others are Kim Heechul, Lee Donghae and Shin Donghee.”

“Heechul you saw last night, even if no one got a chance to introduce you to him,” Minho added.  “Donghae was with him.  So the only one you haven’t seen yet is Shindong.  He’s the cop.”

Henry blinked.  “A police officer?”

“Police detective, actually.”  Minho rested his chin on the heel of his hand, his face bored like he was discussing the weather, not a dirty cop.  “Though we’re not technically in his jurisdiction, ‘cause he’s a Larceny detective and organized crime belongs to Major Crimes.  Heechul and Kangin bribe him to be their inside man and plant false information and stuff for other detectives.”

Nodding, Henry said, “Ahh, I see.”  He supposed that when you were running that many illegal businesses, you pretty much had to have someone on the police force on your payroll.  “So Kangin runs the bar and Heechul runs the escort service, and Shindong runs interference on the law.”  The others at the table nodded.  “Sungmin’s, what, the bodyguard?”

Ryeowook shrugged.  “Donghae’s in charge of the gunrunning, and technically speaking Sungmin’s his second-in-command, but they both kind of act like bodyguards when necessary, yeah.”

“And Siwon?” Henry asked.

Yesung snorted.  “You mean other than fucking Heechul into a yowling frenzy every single goddamn night?”

Henry choked on his own breath in shock.

“Yeye!”  Wookie smacked Yesung the same way he’d just smacked Minho.  He turned and patted Henry’s back, helping him through his sudden coughing fit.  “My room shares a wall with Heenim’s bedroom, so we get the worst of the noise,” he explained apologetically.  “Officially, Siwon’s their financial backer, but he does a little of everything.”

“And he and Heechul...?” Henry asked.

“Together,” Yesung said.  “Since before they formed the Dragons, from what I hear.”

“Siwon was a long-term client of Heechul’s back when Heechul was a prostitute himself,” Ryeowook explained.  “They got together after Heechul’s contract was up.”

Henry blinked.  Heechul used to be...?  Ok, actually, that wasn’t that surprising.  Hadn’t he just been thinking the night before how the man’s pretty looks didn’t match his personality?

“Speaking of,” Minho said quietly, turning towards the back of the room.  A group of people - the Dragons, Henry realized - were exiting the back room, Heechul included.  The willowy man wrapped a long-fingered hand around the brass pole at the end of the bar and hoisted himself up onto it, standing over the group of employees.  A shaggy-haired man Henry recognized from yesterday hopped up onto the bar next to him; Henry guessed that was Donghae.  Kangin and an equally large man who must be Shindong went behind the bar and leaned on it, looking out over the group.  Siwon leaned his back against the front of the bar and Sungmin slid onto a bar stool.

“Okay, kids,” Heechul said loudly over the chatter.  “Listen up and I’ll make this quick so you can get back to whatever the hell it is normal people do on a Wednesday afternoon.”  There were a couple of chuckles, but mostly the room just sank into attentive silence.  

“We’ve had another financial setback.”

Quiet murmurs rose through the room.  Henry looked from Minho (who looked confused) and Ryeowook (who looked worried) and back again; he could see that others were passing glances around as well.

Heechul quieted them down with a raised hand.  It was kind of fascinating to see how little it took for him to control a group of two-dozen or so college-age young adults.  Clearly, Heechul was respected, feared, or both.

“We’re taking care of the fallout, but what this means for you is that we are pushing the hell out of all the services at the Den.  I expect everyone to step it up.  Smile.  Flirt.  I don’t care if you have to do a fucking jig, I expect you to sell it.  Booze, sex, gambling, all of it.”  He crossed his arms.  “And I’m taking 30% of your tips for the next few weeks.”

That got a response.  Groans and shouts of annoyance broke out all over the room.

“Shut the fuck up!” Donghae called.  The room quieted again.

“I know it sucks,” Heechul said.  “But my choices are take tips or cut jobs.  It’ll only be for a little while.”  His apologetic tone hardened.  “And if I catch anyone mis-reporting their earnings, you will regret it.  Is that clear?”

The group mumbled a soft “Yes, Heenim,” like recalcitrant schoolkids.  

Heechul nodded.  “Good.  Now, there’s one more thing.  We’re entertaining some very, very important guests this Friday.  They’ll be up here at the VIP table.”  He gestured at the large round table right in front of the stage.  “They get anything they like and we’re not charging them for it.  That doesn’t mean you can’t charm some tips out of them, so be on your best behavior.”  He turned to look at the escorts at Henry’s table and the tables nearby.  “And I want the show to go perfectly, so we’re having extra rehearsals Thursday and Friday mornings.  Get rid of your clients before 9AM and be ready to go by 10.”

Nods from all the escorts, and oddly, from Jonghyun and several of the wait staff as well.  

Sunny raised her hand, and Heechul gave her a questioning eyebrow.  “What kind of important guests?” she asked.

Donghae snorted.  “The kind who break your legs if you piss them off.”

His utterly calm, matter-of-fact tone made Henry’s eyes widen.  Even though Yesung had just told him the Dragons were criminals, that really drove it home for Henry exactly what that meant.  

It meant everyone involved with them was in danger, all the time - and not just from the law.

No one else seemed to be particularly disturbed by the statement, like they were inured to the idea.  Sunny just nodded, as if that was the answer she was expecting and now she knew how to handle herself.

Heechul sighed.  “I know it sucks, but we’re going to fix this situation.  In the meantime, rest assured that you are not the only ones making sacrifices.”  He glanced at Siwon, who gave him a tight smile.  “Alright, that’s it, get out of here.”

There was sudden commotion as everyone started moving and chattering all at once.  Henry had intended to stay put and wait for the floor to clear out before joining Yesung on the stage to practice, but instead he found himself being dragged up to the bar by a surprisingly strong Sunny, of all people.

“Heenim oppa!” she called out cheerfully.  “You need to meet Henry.”

Heechul turned his gaze onto Henry, and Henry suddenly felt the need to look down at the floor.  The leader of the Dragons had large, piercing eyes that seemed to look right into his mind.  It was very uncomfortable.

“Who the hell is this?”  Heechul asked sharply.

“He’s the new accompanist,” Sunny said, completely unfazed by Heechul’s tone.  “Kangin hired him yesterday.”

“And I care why?”  Heechul looked Henry up and down once, then dismissed him, his eyes sliding away to look at something over Henry’s head.  “Just make sure he doesn’t screw anything up.”

Henry felt like he should be offended, but honestly, he was relieved the acerbic man didn’t want anything to do with him.  He bowed silently and pulled his hand out of Sunny’s grip, backing away a few steps to put some distance in between him and Heechul before he turned his back.

Sunny caught up to him.  “He’ll warm up to you,” she said airily.  “He’s just wary of new people in his home.”

His home.  He lived here, didn’t he?  Henry had seen him disappearing into one of the rooms upstairs.  “How many people live here?”

“Just Heechul and the escorts, but Kangin and Siwon are here all the time.  Yesung too, because of Wookie.  And Sungmin and I spend more time here than our apartment.”

That made Henry blink.  “You and Sungmin?  Are you...?”

She burst into laughter.  “Oh no!  He’s my oppa.”

The way she said it made Henry realize she meant it literally.  They were siblings.  He glanced over at Sungmin, who was laughing at something Donghae had said.  Henry could suddenly see the resemblance in their smiles.

“I see,” he said.  “Sorry for misunderstanding.”

“That’s okay.”  She waved him off.  “Lots of people make that mistake.”


It was Yesung.  Right.  Work.  

Henry jogged over to the stage and settled in to rehearse.


By the time Hangeng was out of the shower, Leeteuk was home, bringing with him takeout from their favorite diner.  The three of them ate and talked for quite a while, so it wasn’t until mid-afternoon that Hangeng finally got around to mentioning that the hack was probably done by now.

Leeteuk scolded him for not saying anything sooner, but Hangeng just shrugged.  He really didn’t care one way or the other if they got into the camera system.  Sure, it would be nice to be able to watch Teukie’s back while he was in the lair of the enemy, so to speak, but since they would be dealing pretty exclusively with Donghae’s gang and their contacts in the gunrunning business he doubted there would be much reason to spy on the Den itself.

He leaned over the back of Leeteuk’s chair as Hyuk sprawled out on the bed.  They both watched curiously as Teukie figured out how to work the security software on Kangin’s computer.  It didn’t take too long; soon they were looking through the cameras.

As usual when looking through a security camera setup, it took Hangeng a moment to wrap his brain around what he was looking at.  Teukie was a big help, pointing out the different rooms and how they connected to one another.  When he mentioned the locked back room doors, Eunhyuk wondered aloud if the electronic lock was also controlled from Kangin’s computer.  Geng promised to look into it later - there might come a day when they would need to get into the back rooms.

Teukie switched cameras again and blinked.  “Oh, look.  They’re all there.  How convenient.  Okay boys, here, come look.”

They leaned in.  “Is that them?” Eunhyuk asked curiously.  “They’re younger than I thought.”

Leeteuk nodded, pointing at the thin, long-haired man standing in the center of the room, his back to the camera.  “That’s Heechul.”

“Really?” Hangeng asked incredulously.  “That skinny little thing is the leader of the Dragons?”

Teukie glanced over his shoulder, amused.  “Not what you were expecting?”

“No.”  He’d been imagining someone older.  And bigger.  The way Teukie talked about him, he’d kind of expected Heechul to be eight feet tall and possibly breathe fire.

Someone else said something, and Heechul turned to look at him, his face turning towards the camera.  Hangeng’s breath caught.

Definitely not what I was expecting,” he murmured.  Plush, pouting lips, huge round eyes, and a delicate, heart-shaped face gave Heechul a girlish, sweet look that was completely contradicted by his harsh, focused expression.  “He’s...pretty.”

“Didn’t I tell you that Heechul used to be a prostitute himself?” Teukie asked, entertained by Hangeng’s reaction.  “Were you expecting him to be an ogre?”

Hangeng gave Teukie a look.  “Clearly you have not been to see many prostitutes in your life,” he retorted.  “Being good-looking is not always a job requirement.”

Eunhyuk started giggling like a maniac.  Teukie just reached back and smacked Geng’s arm.  “Don’t be such a snarkmonster,” he chided.  “Here, look.  That’s Kangin.  And that’s Shindong, Donghae, Sungmin and Siwon.”

Hangeng knew all the names, of course.  He knew what roles they each played in the organization.  Quickly, he put a face with each name, memorizing them.  He noted the size and apparent capability of each of the main fighters - Donghae, Sungmin and Shindong - lingered on Kangin for a moment, wondering if the big man was really as non-violent as Teukie said he was, and then stopped at Siwon.  Unlike everyone else in the room, Siwon was wearing a well-tailored and neatly pressed navy blue suit, shiny designer shoes and a large wristwatch that looked like it might be actual gold.  Hangeng cocked an eyebrow.

“And what’s Siwon’s role in all this again?  You said he’s the financial backer?”

Leeteuk nodded.  “He handles all the money from the illegal businesses.”  The Dragons’ meeting appeared to be coming to a close; they were getting up and moving out towards the main floor en masse.  Siwon stood, and Hangeng instantly reevaluated his initial impression of the man.  His first thought had been pansy-ass desk jockey, but Siwon was taller than anyone else in the room and at least as broad through the shoulders as Kangin, and the way he moved made Geng wonder.

“You’re sure he’s not a fighter?” Geng asked.  Leeteuk blinked at him.  

“Well, he’s more likely to point a gun at someone than Kangin is, but then, so is Gandhi.  Honestly, I’ve only seen Siwon get violent once, and it was very reluctantly.”  He leaned back in his chair, considering.  “But he’s very protective of Heechul, so theoretically he could be provoked.”

“Protective of Heechul?  Why would he - oh.”  Eunhyuk cut himself off, cheeks reddening.  Hangeng turned to look at the screen and saw Heechul cuddled into Siwon’s arms, leaning up to kiss him.

Looking at them, Hangeng realized Heechul wasn’t as small as he seemed.  He was actually only a few centimeters shorter than Siwon, making him taller than all of the other Dragons.  He only seemed short because he was so slim, narrow-shouldered with long limbs, long fingers, a long neck.  Siwon’s relative size didn’t help the issue either.  His big hands almost completely encircled Heechul’s waist; his broad shoulders dwarfed Heechul’s by comparison.

Leeteuk had to call Hangeng’s name three times before it registered. He shook himself out of his reverie.

“Sorry, what?”

“Were you planning on provoking Siwon?” Leeteuk asked again.  “I thought the plan was to not have to deal with Kangin or Siwon or Heechul.”

Hangeng nodded, clearing his throat.  “Yeah, of course.  If everything goes as planned, we won’t run into any of them except maybe Donghae and Sungmin.  But hyung,” he pointed out, “how often do things go as planned?  Anything we know about them could be an advantage.”

Leeteuk seemed to accept that.  He turned back to the screen.  “It’s too bad we don’t have sound,” he commented as he switched the camera over to the main floor of the Den.  There were dozens of people sitting in the chairs.  Heechul hopped up onto the bar and started to address the crowd.  “I’d like to hear what they were talking about right now.”

Eunhyuk shrugged.  “We could have Kyuhyun’s contact plant a bug,” he suggested.

“His name is Ryeowook,” Teukie shot back.  “He’s this one, here.”  He pointed at a small, delicate-looking young man at one of the tables.  “And that’s not a bad idea.  Maybe we should.”

“We don’t have a bug to plant,” Hangeng pointed out.  Leeteuk and Eunhyuk exchanged grins and Hangeng sighed in mock-exasperation.  “Honestly, you two.  Any excuse to steal.”

“Yup.”  Leeteuk stood.  “We can go later this week.  Hyukkie, would you look into it?”  Eunhyuk nodded.  “I’m gonna go get Wookie’s payment ready.  The kid did a good thing, here.  Hangeng, contact Kyuhyun and have him deliver it tonight.”

Murmuring his assent, Hangeng took Leeteuk’s place on the chair and minimized the hack window, bringing him back to Leeteuk’s screen.  As the other two wandered out of the room, Hangeng shot off a quick email to Kyuhyun, the only way he had of getting a hold of the paranoid young man.  That done, he re-opened the window and settled in to study the Den, both the building and the people who worked there.

Half an hour went by, and it wasn’t until the group started to disperse that Hangeng realized he hadn’t been studying the Den - he’d been staring at Heechul.  Annoyed with himself, he shut the program down and headed downstairs.

“I’m going for a ride,” he called out to the house at large.  He heard a couple of non-committal noises from various places around the house, grabbed his leather jacket, strapped on his biker boots and headed for the garage.  There was nothing like a good, long ride on his motorcycle to clear his head.


Ryeowook texted Yesung late that night.

To: Jongwoon
Last client just left and it’s too late to go find another, so I’m free tonight.  Come upstairs?

He closed his phone with a snap and stared at his pillow.

Kyuhyun had come to see him again tonight.  “You did a good job,” he’d whispered in his ear while fucking him.  Then he’d snuck a small envelope out of his pocket and slid it under Ryeowook’s pillow, where it had stayed through Ryeowook’s next two clients.  Now he had to move it before Yesung came upstairs.

He finally just scooped up the pillow, hiding the envelope between his body and the fluff, and carried it to his closet.  With his back to the camera, he quickly opened the envelope and counted the money.

Six million won.  He’d been given an extra million.  Why?  Was it a bribe?  Insurance?  A reward for a job well done?

Heart pounding, he shoved the money back into the envelope, took the pillowcase off the pillow, slid the envelope in the pillowcase and hid it in his dirty laundry.  He’d take the pile to the escort’s bathroom in the morning and separate the money out.  He had no idea what he would do with it afterwards, but...

“Hey, baby.”

Ryeowook started violently, letting out a little scream.  Yesung laughed and wrapped his arms around Ryeowook’s shoulders.  

“You scared me!” Wookie exclaimed.  He quickly closed his closet door, feeling like his heart was going to rip out of his chest.

“Sorry,” Yesung said, but from the smile in his voice Ryeowook knew he wasn’t really.  He probably thought it was cute.  “I did knock.  What has you so absorbed in the closet?”

“I-I...”  Thinking fast, Ryeowook cleared his throat.  “I was thinking that I’d like some new clothes for work.  Want to take me shopping tomorrow?”  Maybe he could slip away so he could get this cash deposited into his bank account.

Yesung frowned.  “Can you afford that?” he asked.

He hated lying to Yesung, but there was no choice.   “I got a big tip from a client.”  

“Heechul said he wanted part of the tips given to him,” Yesung pointed out.

Shit.  Feeling guilty, Ryeowook piled lie on top of lie.  “It was a really big tip.  I want to put some of it away but there’s enough to get a new top or something, and with the special clients coming Friday...”

Pursing his lips at the reminder, Yesung seemed to accept that.  He pulled Ryeowook towards the bed.  Wookie went, guilt and worry making his movements slow.

Yesung bore him down gently onto the bed, kitten-licking at his collarbone with sweet, soft little movements.  “Everything okay?” he asked in a murmur.  “You’ve been distracted and jumpy all day.”

Of course Yesung would pick up on his mood.  It was endearing, and frustrating, and fortunately predictable enough that Ryeowook already had an answer prepared.  “Heenim’s bad mood is rubbing off on me, I think,” he explained.  “Everyone’s on edge.  I’ll be fine.”  He arched his back, tilting his head up to give Yesung better access.  “Mmm, that feels nice,” he sighed.

“Did anyone take care of you tonight?” Yesung asked, his voice sliding towards sultry.  Ryeowook shook his head.  It was a rare client who cared enough to see to his host’s pleasure - certainly Kyuhyun never bothered.  

Yesung slid his forefinger against the skin above Wookie’s top lip.  It was an odd gesture, and it had taken Wookie several months to figure out it was Yesung’s way of showing affection.  “Let me get you off and then I’ll read to you, okay?”

Oh.  That sounded nice.  Ryeowook was perfectly capable of reading himself, but there was nothing he liked more than cuddling into Yesung’s side and listening to him read aloud in his smooth, sexy voice.  “I love you,” he sighed.  

Yesung kissed him.  “I love you too, baby.”  

This was exactly why he had to commit to Kyuhyun’s deal.  He couldn’t bear it if Yesung let him go.

next chapter (coming next tuesday!) (what, you mean I actually got it all into one post? le gasp!)
Tags: series: sj dragon-verse, story: initiation
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